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As expert investment property Buyers’ Agent in Queensland, we here to guide you through every step of the way. From property buying & inspections to negotiations, we handle it all on your behalf, ensuring a seamless experience. Think of us as your helping hand, leading you straight to your dream home.

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    Certified Investment Property Buyers Agent - Anuj Thapar

    Empowering your property investment success with the expertise of a best buyers agent in Queensland, dedication, and personalized guidance.

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    Our team of buyers agent will shortlist properties faster.

    Buy Right +

    Location is everything. Discover the facts about the hot spots before you buy.

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    Our buyers' agents will negotiate the lowest possible price.

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    Don't let emotions cloud your judgement. Let your anuj associates deal with all the stress

    Expert Guidance, Exceptional Results Queensland's Premier Investment Property Buyer Agent - Anuj Thappar

    At Anuj Associates, we’re not sellers – we’re your premier investment property Buyers Agent in Queensland. Located in the vibrant Gold Coast and spearheaded by Anuj Thappar, we’re dedicated to guiding you every step of the way on your journey to your dream home.

    With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in helping you find properties that not only meet your needs but also align with your investment goals. Each property we recommend has been personally inspected by Anuj himself, ensuring you get the best value without overpaying.

     Anuj’s passion for real estate began at a young age, learning the ropes from his father before establishing himself in Australia’s market. His expertise and dedication have led to the successful guidance of numerous clients, including investors, home buyers, and developers, towards achieving their real estate aspirations.

    Buyer's Agent Anuj Thappar

    Invest in Excellence: Our Portfolio of Premier Properties!

    Explore our exclusive properties, expertly sourced and bought by Anuj Associates on behalf of the clients for optimal investment returns. Trust us to secure the best deals in the market, tailored to your investment goals.


    Hillside Drive

    Daisy Hill , QLD 

    134-136 Fryar Road, Eagleby, QLD 4207

    Fryar Road

    Eagleby, QLD 4207

    Tigercat Court

    Greenbank, QLD 4124


    Riversdale Road

    Oxenford, QLD 4210


    Oberon Way

    Oxenford, QLD 4210

    House view

    Yarabah Cres

    Shailer Park, QLD 4128

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    Discover How Anuj Associates Can Transform Your Property Search Experience and Ensure You Make Informed, Stress-Free, and Profitable Real Estate Investments.

    Initial Consultation & Assesment

    We conduct a detailed client consultation to understand your property requirements and financial readiness.

    Saving time

    First Work!

    Property Search and Selection

    Curate a tailored list of homes that match our clients' criteria and accompany them on property tours.

    Let's be Productive

    Due Diligence and Negotiation

    Facilitate due diligence processes and negotiate on your behalf for favorable terms.

    Reducing Stress

    Get rid of the stress of working with us during your search.


    Craft competitive purchase offers, coordinate inspections and paperwork, and ensure a smooth closing.

    Buy The Right Home

    Invest in a promising location for growth and development.

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    Other Locations

    Buyers Agents Across Queensland !

    Our team comprises seasoned property investment professionals hailing from diverse regions across Australia. If you’re considering a buyers agent in other Australian locations, rest assured that our dedicated teams are eager and prepared to assist you every step of the way.

    Gold Coast


    Redland Bay



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      If you want to invest in property in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast, it’s good to know why these cities are popular with property investors. The main reasons are that they are cheaper and offer better rental income than Sydney and Melbourne. This means you can earn more from your investment in property in Brisbane compared to other cities. Contact us today for your right profitable property investments.

      A buyer’s agent can help you buy a property in many ways.

      • A buyer’s agent can help you save time by searching and inspecting properties for you.
      • We can assist you in finding properties that meet your criteria, even if they’re not publicly listed.
      • We can help you determine a property’s value and negotiate with the seller’s agent, including bidding at auctions.

      Ready to experience the benefits of a property buyer’s agent? let us guide you to your ideal property.

      Pick your buyer’s agent wisely. The right buyers agent for investment property will help you buy the right place for the right price, saving you time and cash. What your property investment agents accomplishes will help you in the long run and be worth more than the fee. It’s also important to choose an agent you feel comfortable with because having a good relationship will help you get the result you want.

      When choosing a buyer’s agent in Queensland ask this question’s:

      • How much experience does the agent have?
      • Do they know the area well where they will look for properties for you?
      • What qualifications do they have?
      • What properties have they recently purchased for clients?
      • Do they own property themselves?
      • Do they have connections to find the property that best meets your requirements?

      At Anuj Associates, we will help you every step of the way when buying a home. We know the local area well and can use our experience to find the perfect property for you. Choose us as your buyer’s agent and let’s start this journey together!

      We provide End - to - End Consultation Reviews from Google

      Akash Chaturvedi
      Akash Chaturvedi
      Our experience with Anuj as a buyer agent has been exceptional. Five stars to you mate!! He is very professional, trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated. He was always reachable and responsive. The whole journey from looking for an investment property, to getting it rented was cake walk for us, just because Anuj had offloaded all the responsibilities from us during this entire journey. There is so much background work that he took over and helped us buy a property (while I was in India on vacation) that perfectly aligned with our long term goals. He also perfectly coordinated the repair/paint jobs that needed to be done prior to renting the property. We are very grateful to Anuj for all his efforts and highly recommend him.
      indra palaniappan
      indra palaniappan
      Anuj helped me to purchase an investment property successfully. Working with him was hassle free. He was very knowledgeable, experienced, personable, and helpful throughout the process. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.
      It was pleasure working with Anuj and I’m super happy with his Services.
      Davin Sachar
      Davin Sachar
      Such a knowledgeable man! He goes into every little detail about your requirements. Have immensely benefited from his suggestions. Look forward to working with you again in the future.
      Jaskeet Singh
      Jaskeet Singh
      Anuj is very professional, honest, hardworking and very knowledgeable, does everything in he's power to achieve the maximum outcome possible. I recommend him to anyone he will get the job done.
      Anil Chandra
      Anil Chandra
      Anuj is super passionate about property and knows the inside out of property purchasing! One of the best agents in south-east QLD.
      Umesh Nehra
      Umesh Nehra
      Very professional and supportive
      usman ali
      usman ali
      Anuj was extremely helpful and available during the whole buying process. He spent time in listening and helping me clarify what I want. He was on the ground mostly and had real life connections which were helpful. Answered all my questions and I learnt a lot from him during buying the house.
      Vikram Malik
      Vikram Malik
      I had the pleasure of working with Anuj as my buyer's agent, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Anuj's professionalism, knowledge, and dedication were truly exceptional throughout the entire process. From our initial meeting, Anuj took the time to understand my needs and preferences, making the house-hunting experience efficient and enjoyable. He was always responsive and patient, answering all my questions and providing valuable insights. Anuj's negotiation skills are top-notch. He worked tirelessly to secure a great deal on the property I ultimately purchased. His attention to detail and commitment to getting the best outcome for me as a buyer were evident every step of the way. Anuj made the entire home-buying process smooth and stress-free. I felt confident and supported through each stage, and I'm now happily settled in my new home, thanks to his expertise. I can't recommend Anuj enough. If you're in need of a buyer's agent who goes above and beyond, Anuj is the one to choose. Thank you for your outstanding service, Anuj!